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Noémie Devime Paris



PLANET ADDED VALUE: Vegan, Vegetal, Local, Norme ISO
SERIE: Numeroted Piece
FABRICATION: Made in Paris, France
The pineapple fiber bustier is a vegetable alternative to traditional leather. It is feminine and very comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its zip on the side. This innovative and durable material is derived from the felting of pineapple leaf fibers, it is resistant like leather, and compensates for the 40,000 tonnes of pineapple leaves wasted annually after harvest. This piece offers an alternative chic rock look in line with the militant values it holds in favor of our planet.
Piñatex® is a material made from pineapple leaves. These leaves are a by-product of the existing pineapple harvest, so this raw material requires no additional environmental resources to be produced. The fibers of these leaves are extracted to make a robust fabric whose veins resemble animal leather. The Piñatex also has a social advantage as it is a vector of employment in the Philippines and allows local farming communities to benefit from an additional source of income.
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