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Noémie Devime Paris


Second Skin

Bodysuits, cyclists, second-skin elastane jersey dresses, high-waisted leggings and
t-shirts are halfway between lingerie and clothing. Second-skin clothes make up our basic wardrobe, titled “Incunabula”. “Incunabula” in Latin literally means “the swaddling of a newborn”, it is the first textile that dresses a newborn. The jerseys are soft and fluid, at the thickness of comfort.

Incunabula by Noémie Devime Paris is the cradle of a textile renewed, in terms of manufacture, function and vocation, to create a new language in favor of an innovative ethical fashion.

The chosen seams are resistant to have an optimal hold : the silhouette is positive body, not gendered, and/ or sporty, but in any case assertive and free. 


Noémie Devime Paris thanks her collaborators for their work and their productions : Virgil Reboul, Chris Johnson, Kyle Dow, Lara Sanchez, Yannick Roudier, Thomas Louvagny, Cécile Champy, Alexandra Mocanu, Mckinsey L.Jordan, Christian Dinh, Laetitia Helfer

Deep indigo

The use of chemical dyes and dyes affects our planet, our health and our skin. Using natural dyes, made from plants preserve our ecosystem. By bringing together ancestral know-how from dyers' communities, we obtain unique organic colours. These true indigo scientists have the mastery of this very slow dyeing process, low energy consumption, respectful of their health and the environment.

The color of the indigo is moving and goes from a brown, matte and deep tint to more moiré reflections, iridescent type oil drops. The traditional color chart contains twelve colors, from blue to divine blue, the deepest shade, almost night. And that’s the shade that Noémie Devime chose. The magic of indigo lies in the depth, brilliance and subtlety of its colour, which permeates differently according to the material.

Black Alternative

The excessive consumption of animal materials, and leather at the service of the fashion industry has reached its threshold. Figure impact on the consumption of leather. Many alternative materials to animal leather by plant and upcycling are possible today. We are proud to offer bustiers that proudly address pineapple fiber, or the up-cyclee air chamber. What about bicycle air chambers?

It is a real waste because it has not found its recycling circuit in France. We chose to pick it up, then the over-cycler in a manifest piece, presented at the Première Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles in February 2019. Noémie Devime Paris was the only and first French designer on the podium at the show for this first edition. Today, Los Angeles is the first city in the world to ban the sale of animal fur.

Paris Silhouette

The importance of local manufacturing and consumption becomes paramount : it is a solution to production and therefore to circular consumption. In the face of mass consumption and globalization, more transparent and local consumption is the solution. The garments are designed and manufactured in Paris, an emblematic city.

 The designer first worked in the Couture Houses (Balenciaga, Dior, Saint Laurent), before launching capsule collections closer to humans and nature. The couture, efficient and discreet spirit of the Parisienne is found in black pieces that are both basic but sophisticated.

Iridescent Movement

The expression of the freedom and diversity of femininity is the inexhaustible inspiration of the Noémie Devime Paris brand. Ethnic groups, styles and origins are mixed. Iconic and mystical figures

of femininity sprinkle inspirations in the design of clothes, such as sirens, fairies, goddesses, witches…. Materials that evolve with light and movement echo a part of dream and unspeakable in each of us.

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