PLANET ADDED VALUE: Up-Cycling, Local, Innovation
SERIE: Numeroted Piece
FABRICATION: Made in Paris, France
The up-cycled salmon bustier is a local and high-end alternative to leather. It is innovative and distinguished, feminine, comfortable and easy to wear. Salmon leather is a French innovation that has a tanning process that revalorizes salmon skins into an up-cycled material similar to the so controversial snake leather. This piece offers a unique and couture look, in line with the militant values it carries in favor of our planet, animals and up-cycling.
The production of leather has doubts and issues: the conditions and resources needed to raise animals but also the use and rejection of chemicals such as chromium for tanning. We use innovative Squama® salmon leather, which combines the traditional know-how of a French tannery with an eco-responsible approach by transforming fish skins from the food industry into high-quality marine leather.

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