PLANET ADDED VALUE: Vegan, Up-Cycling, Local
SERIE: Numeroted Piece
FABRICATION: Made in Paris, France
The tube top is an up-cycling alternative to leather. It is feminine, comfortable and easy to wear thanks to its side zip. The inner tube is a material that has not found its recycling circuit in France, so it is a material that we have completely retransformed and revalorized by taking inspiration from the technique of assembling eel leather. This piece offers an alternative chic rock look in line with the militant values it holds in favor of our planet.
A real environmental problematic, the inner tube is not recycled: it does not break down and is difficult to transform. We treated the tyre as a textile material, using damaged tubes recovered through a partnership with the Cyclofficine de Paris. After several researches and experiments, the flat inner tube and leather goods techniques make it possible to offer a beautiful alternative to leather.

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