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Noémie Devime Paris

"Le green DREAM"|October 27, 2023

Madame Figaro France

Spring ELLE UA|March 13, 2024 

ELLE Ukrania Magazine

"My lovely DAY"|March 22, 2022

Faust Magazine

NOEMIE DEVIME PARIS is an eponymous brand of woman high-end and handmade ready-to-wear based in Paris. We offer offseason and unique collections to enhance a stable, circular and holistic production system. They are not two or four collections per year, but they are visible collections in continuous progress. Strong and TIMELESS pieces emerge, which become our basic numbered series or unique pieces available for sale, and do not follow the seasons or trends. 

UP-CYCLING is one of the brand’s specialties. The collections are designed, created and made in Paris. The locality is paramount. The studio is interested in reusing materials not intended for fashion and left out of recycling circuits. Also, the materials of our clothes are natural and vegetal, in order to propose a life cycle of natural clothing, coming from nature, and returning to the Earth ...

noemie devime paris

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