PLANET ADDED VALUE: BodyCare, Local, Recycled
SERIE: Numeroted Piece
FABRICATION: Made in Paris, France
This very long straight dress in jersey and fitted, with long sleeves also fitted, and the turtleneck, sculpts the silhouette like a second skin. The pleats of the jersey are positioned on the body, on the bust, the upper thighs and the waist to adapt the fabric on the body according to the comfort sought. This cosmetic jersey moisturizes your skin: it contains micro-encapsulations of underwater proteins and algae. Wears short or long, interesting to accessorize.
We use PYRATEX® cosmetic fabrics made with algae-based fibres. These algae proliferate naturally in the North Atlantic. They are harvested according to a gentle, selective and long-lasting process, which eliminates only the part of the algae that can regenerate. They are then integrated into a wood cellulose solution in a non-toxic solvent. The properties of algae are preserved in the textile fibre: they protect the skin, activate cellular regeneration and recharge in vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

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